the best spanish school in nicaragua, san juan del sur


We are a spanish language school in nicaragua, san juan del sur providing quality services for all our students with over 14 years experience. betwen services that we have: private spanish lessons, group spanish lessons, skype spanish lessons, accommodation, transportation, sea turtles expedition, tour by Granada, Masaya Volcano and more, we have only one location in San Juan del Sur, in Granada we have a sister school Spanish Dale.

We are located in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua 140 km from the capital in Managua. San Juan del Sur is a beautiful tourist port in the south of the country that offers its visitors great tourist options, including Spanish lessons. Today we live in a globalized world. It is important to know how to communicate with people of different nationalities. Nicaragua is the most secure country in Central America I mean we are the country with the smallest crime rate in the region.

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